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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your questions about balloon decor for your event or celebration. Our FAQ page covers everything from pricing to design options, making it easy to plan your perfect balloon display with our experienced team.

  • What regions do you serve?
    As a Bergen county-based business, our preferred service areas are within 30 miles of 07432. Still, we will travel to wherever you are requested, even out-of-state or internationally, which will incur overnight charges and travel and hotel costs. For all inquiries, please fill out the form.
  • How much does balloon decor cost?
    Our bespoke balloon decor pricing depends on the complexity and volume of the work, delivery, and installation costs. The balloon garlands are priced per foot; thus, knowing the measurements of the space where you would like to place your balloons will give you an understanding of the cost. We calculate delivery & installation fees on top of your order. Delivery Fee: The delivery fee is calculated based on the distance from the zip code 07432 to your event location. Installation Fee: Our installation fee depends on several factors: complexity of installation, installation time, climate condition.
  • Do you have a minimum order?
    Yes! Our order minimum for local deliveries is $200 and is subject to change. All orders out of the local zone are a $750 order minimum. Not sure where to start? Please visit our Lookbook page with our most popular setups. If you are interested in simple organic balloon garland, our Sizing Guide might be helpful for you.
  • How long in advance do I need to book?
    Event setup dates and times are first booked, first served. To avoid the disappointment of not having your event date or desirable rental items available, we suggest you contact us once you have secured your venue. The sooner - the better. You can always make a last-minute inquiry; we would be happy to help you if we are available for your date. Please pay attention that an extra fee may apply. If you have an event date and venue but can’t decide on what design of balloon décor you would like yet, you can reserve your date with a $200 retainer. Later, we can discuss all your preferences and details to create an ideal image of your event!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    A cancellation request must be made in writing by email only. Refunds will be issued within 14 days from the time of the request. Refunds will be considered as follows: · The Service Retainer is non-refundable. · Refunds requested more than three weeks before the event: Total refund paid minus retainer. · Refunds requested less than two weeks before the event: a maximum of 50% of the final total is refundable. · No refund will be made within seven days of the event date. All sales are final. Please keep in mind that colors will appear differently on screens. Items will not be replaced or exchanged for this reason. Holy Moly Event reserves the right to refuse any returns at any time.
  • How long does installation usually take?
    The installation time varies from project to project and depends on the volume of the work. All of our inflating is done ahead of time so that we try to keep it as fast as possible. The estimate could be provided after design approval.
  • How long do your balloons last?
    Even though Holy Moly Event chooses the highest quality brands of balloons and materials, sometimes balloons may pop or deflate sooner than expected because of different environmental factors. Indoor installs with air-filled balloons can last weeks! The longevity of the balloons will depend on the environmental conditions of the space, such as temperature, humidity, children, pets, and different surfaces. We cannot guarantee that balloons will last any specific amount of time for outdoor installations. Weather conditions, including direct sunlight, heat, high humidity, wind, rain, etc., affect the lifespan of the balloons. There is no guarantee on balloons after delivery or pick up. We will replace anything that pops during transportation or setup. We provide up to 24-hours guarantee for helium-filled balloons, so we strongly suggest that helium-filled balloons be delivered/picked up on the day of the event/celebration.
  • What happens if my balloons pop?
    Unfortunately, we cannot give any assurance that your balloons will not pop! We use the highest quality brands of balloons, but despite that fact, they still can pop because of the nature of balloons! If we pop your balloon during delivery or installation, it will be replaced at no charge, or a refund will be supplied if we can’t replace it in time. If anything or anyone else pops/ let’s go/ or steals your balloon, we aren't sure we can help with this. This refers to kids, strangers, direct sunlight, hot and/ or sharp surfaces, pets, trees, bushes, etc. If you would like to purchase a replacement, contact us as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee availability, but we will do our best.
  • How do I know what length of balloon garland I need?
    We recommend simply measuring the place with a tape measure where you plan the balloon garland. If you don't have access to the place, you can check our Sizing Guide before requiring a quote.
  • I have my own ideas; will you make it happen for me?
    We are glad to help you implement the most adventurous ideas. We can customize colors, match tassel color combos, find custom lettering, create custom decor pieces, and other design concepts. The project listed in Lookbook are our most popular requests, but we would be excited to do much more. Also, you can catch the inspiration for your upcoming event on our Gallery page, which contains our past work.
  • I’m ready to order! What do I need to do?
    Great news! We can’t wait to start working with you! Please fill out the inquiry form. All inquiries sent between Monday - Wednesday will receive a response within 24 - 48 hours. All questions/inquiries sent between Thursday - Sunday will receive a response within 48 - 72 hours as we are busy prepping and setting up events.
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